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Touhorse - Shrinemare of Hakurei by Modern-Warmare



this is a humble little post about the pleasantly diverse sexual orientation representation in the metal gear series, aka yes homo

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Halloween is coming



holy shit

Oh shit someone else who read Perdigo Street Station. Did you by chance give Kraken or King Rat a go? I liked Kraken a bit more than Perdigo but it went into a lot of stuff I love with it's plot.

I haven’t yet, but I will. Perdido’s plot kind of sucked, so I’m glad there’s a better Bas-Lag novel waiting for me. I’ve had Embassytown sitting around forever though, I should finish reading that. 

To me, the Ambassador of Hell scene was one of the fun parts, because it was some of the interesting worldbuilding stuff(though yeah, the Ambassador and everything related to the Handlingers could've been cut with literally no loss to anything else). Filth and grit are fine, but when things are literally filthier, grittier and more hopeless than the real world, it ends up in that sort of same style as WH40k where it just becomes more silly than horrifying/dark.

That’s a good point. Personally I like 40k’s grimdarkness because it’s as obviously tongue-in-cheek as it is extremely terrible. I think we feel better about gritty worlds when we can tell the author is exercising some self-awareness around them. Like a “yeah I know, but bear with me” kind of thing. (ASOIAF for instance.) Otherwise it’s easy to go “well this is dumb” and drop it. And it is hard sometimes to gauge how ironic Mieville is being with the setting.

(It’s funny, I actually thought the opposite about the Ambassador scene AND the Handlingers. To me they were super-contrived and brought nothing to the table as far as worldbuilding was concerned, and they crossed into levels of Cool-But-Stupid that seemed incongruent with the rest of the setting. Maybe more appropriate for 40k. Or Axe Cop.)